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Hey There

This is my story, my words. The journey has been long but, exciting nonetheless. I have been very different versions of myself over the past decade but, through every thick and thin, at the core of my being, I have always been a musician. Always.

All About Me

If it weren't for my mother, I wouldn't be writing this. She was the one who encouraged me to learn the guitar, and I still vividly recall purchasing my first acoustic guitar from a dainty boutique music shop near my home.

As far back as I can remember, all I ever desired to play on that guitar was Rock and Metal. My dream of becoming a guitar virtuoso remains a path I have yet to complete, but I owe my entire journey to this piece of wood – a guitar.

In hindsight, throughout school, I feel as though I was on autopilot, and everything effortlessly fell into place for me. I excelled academically, was a swimmer, had a girlfriend, and, to top it all off, I was the guy who could play the guitar (barely).

However, my musical journey didn't start until I went to college and randomly auditioned for the music society. I not only made it in but also found my people. Music became my sole focus throughout college and beyond. Around the end, when I was dropping out, I said out loud to everyone, "I am going to write and record an album."

Well, that took long. Very long. I spent the next four years navigating through life and composing songs that would eventually become part of my debut album. Four years, numerous songs, but only eight that made sense in the end (plus a few I've kept for later).

As I built my professional career in the business world, financial stability followed. I realized it was time to be true to the musician within me. In 2022, I finally started recording my debut album, undoubtedly the most fulfilling experience a musician can have.

Recording the album was just the beginning. I later realized that this was the easy part, and my journey has only just started. Now, as I write this with my album sent out for distribution, I am filled with joy and excitement to embark on my musical journey. It's finally happening, and it's everything I've wanted over the past four years. Tag along, and let's see where this goes,


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